In-clinic Consultations

Patients are diagnosed using various methods described in rGyud-bZhi and are prescribed suitable medication with appropriate counseling regarding proper diet and lifestyle.

Distant Consultations

Our patients that cannot be seen in-person are offered diagnosis and consultation by telephone and email. Prescribed medicines are suitably packaged and couriered.

Teaching & Healing Retreat

Dr. Yonten offers teachings, seminars and healing retreats for people interested in holistic health care. It is his motivation to share the ancient wisdom of traditional Tibetan medicine (TTM) with all. TTM has vast and deep knowledge of healing and medicine which is beneficial during the 21st century- when people are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, etc. TTM offers a wide range of healing modalities to achieve a healthy body, mind and emotions through medicines based upon herbs, traditional Tibetan yoga (Lujong), meditation, chanting as well as therapeutic modalities such as traditional Tibetan massage (Kunye), golden needle therapy, cupping, hydrotherapy (Medicinal baths) and venesection.